All-Natural Bunny Toys and Treats

Here’s a list of our most popular toys, treats, and supplies for rabbits, chinchillas, & guinea pigs! The quality natural ingredients we use make our products much more flavorful and interesting than commercially made alternatives, many of which rely heavily on dyes, sugar, and fat -- not exactly part of a healthy bunny diet! We have found that carefully drying greens and twigs grown organically on our Virginia farm produces intensely flavored toys and treats that bunnies adore. We're like a Farmers' Market for your bunny! No need to tell them our creations are good for them. The more they enjoy our toys, the less they will enjoy your furniture!

Ordering information: The easiest way to order is by phone, using a credit card, and we will ship your order within 2 business days. If you're in a hurry, ask about our rush shipping option. We use the post office and FedEx for shipping, and the cost is usually whatever the carrier charges us plus $1 to $3 for packaging/insurance. The total shipping, handling, and insurance charge is usually $7.00 to $9.00 to most areas of Virginia, if the package does not contain food, litter, a pet-i-cure tile, or a playpen (please see information on shipping heavier items in the food & litter section). All items may be picked up at the Farm to avoid shipping costs; our hours are Mon-Sat 10 AM to 8 PM, Sunday noon to 6 PM. Thanks, and if you know any other bunny lovers, feel free to email them a link to this page!

Contact us with questions or orders at (804) 556-3377

    Fidget Sticks   
   An 8" section of "rope" made from maypop       vines, oat grass, or rye twisted together.
Single stick 75¢             Bag of 8 sticks $5.75
 Cattail Streamers $1.00 

 A tasty, high-fiber bunny toy made from cattail leaves that have been formed into an adorable, 12"-long toy.

Bunny and Guinea Pig Salad
A runaway best-selling blend of organically grown dried greens, including kiwi, Jerusalem artichoke leaves and flowers, thornless blackberry and raspberry, daylily blossoms, maize, and more. This is the only rabbit treat we recommend for baby bunnies. Pets will be much happier about returning to their cage when playtime is over if some bunny salad is waiting for them! Good for teaching a pet to come when it's called; offer a few leaves of salad while saying the animal's name. High fiber and low fat; good for overweight pets. No risk of overdosing, even with baby rabbits.

1-Quart $2.75       1-Gallon $6.75       3-Gallon $13.75       6-Gallon $26       12-Gallon $49

Maypop Vine Hearts $2.75  Made from maypop vines, twisted and tied into a cute, edible 5" bunny toy.

Dried Okra Pods

 A tasty, high-fiber bunny toy that sometimes rattles! We selected the best spineless okra variety we could find and dried each pod. 

7" to 9" pods $1.75


Bag of eight 4" to 5" pods $6.75


Dried Maypops

  These dried fruits are apparently fun to push around with your nose (if you’re a bunny). Maypops range in size from almonds to walnuts. The whole fruit is tasty, even the seeds.

Small bag (4 or 5 small fruits) $2.75    Large bag (10 larger fruits) $6.75


Dried Papaya and Pineapple

This tropical fruit makes a delicious treat for bunnies 3 months and older, but it also contains beneficial digestive enzymes. Feed long-haired rabbits one cube per day to help prevent the formation of hairballs.

    Papaya: 3 oz $2.75         20 oz $9.75              11 lb bag of papaya spears: $44.00        

  Pineapple: 3 oz $2.50           20 oz $8.75       11 lb bag of pineapple chunks: $39.00

Hanging Mobiles            
One of our most popular "Boredom Busters" ever! Contains a                      variety of edible materials including white and purple maize, Jerusalem artichoke, thornless blackberry twig, honeysuckle, kiwi vine, and alfalfa cube. All ingredients are high in fiber, low in fat, and safe for baby animals. A real favorite among rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas. Both sizes have clips for hanging.
               12" Mobile $6.75                       6" Mobile $3.75                 


We handcraft these spherical toys in several sizes, from a variety of materials.

3" Cattail ball $2.75

3" Ryegrass $2.75         6" Ryegrass $4.75

3" Kudzu vine $4.75     5" Kudzu vine $8.75

4" Meadow Ball $3.75 


Maize or Rye Twist $1.75

Made from dried maize leaves or rye grass, please specify whichever your bunny prefers. Perfect for tossing and flipping. One of our most popular rabbit toys!

Twig Huts 
These huts will provide quite the challenge for even the most accomplished chewers! They are made of bunny-safe branches strung onto wires, so they can be bent into a "U" shape or a "V" shape. We make the small huts from 10" long twigs, the medium ones from sticks that are 12" long, and the large ones from 16" long sticks. 
Small $19.75                         Medium $24.75                          Large $29.75 


Willow Tunnel $7.75
This cute, munchable tunnel is quite durable; excellent for keeping teeth worn down. It would take most pets a longer time to eat this tunnel than similar toys made of grass. It measures 7.25"x7.25" by 9.75" long, and can be placed over a grass mat for an extra layer of comfort.


Nature Hut $10.75

A round hut that is made of woven natural grasses and twigs. Measures 12" diameter at the base, by 7" high, so it's not ideal for larger bunnies, but will make a great "nest" for dwarf rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils, etc. Most animals will eventually eat them, some faster than others.


4" Chew Rings $1.75
Made of akebia or honeysuckle vines (please specify). Fun to toss, and good for keeping bunny's teeth trim.

  Snack Mix
A variety of high-fiber bunny treats. Safe for young or overweight rabbits, but guinea pigs love it, too!  Small bag $1.75                        Quart-size bag $4.75 

Grab Bags of Edible Toys
A value pack of our most popular edible toys that are sure to be a big hit with your rabbit, guinea pig, or chinchilla. All of the toys are safe for bunnies of all ages, and are fine for overweight animals.  

Bag of 12 $9.75                 Bag of 30 $19.50

Edible Grass Cage Mats $3.75 

These 12" square mats can be placed on the floor of your rabbit's cage to act as padding for their feet. Mats are especially good for rabbits with rex fur, as the fur on their feet is thinner and shorter than it is with regular-coated rabbits.

 Plastic Cage Mats $5.50  These sturdy plastic mats are 10" x 14.5". They have tabs that hook onto the floor wire to keep them in place. Additional colors are available. 



Roller Toys $1.75 Each
Bunnies love to toss and chase these chew-resistant plastic toys with bells inside. Easy for pets to pick up.


Jingle Ball $2.50

These durable rabbit toys are too hard for bunnies to chew. Just the right size for chasing around the cage (2.75" in diameter).

Collapsible Playpen and Floor Mat
An easy-to-store wire playpen that keeps mischievous pets out of harm's way during playtime. The pen consists of eight sturdy, wire panels connected together. The playpen measures over 9 square feet by 30" tall when set up, and 18"x30" by 3" tall when collapsed. Setup is quick and easy; no tools required. Simply unfold the wire panels and connect the ends together with twist ties or small clips. Additional pens can be purchased and connected together to form one larger playpen. The optional floor mat attaches to the sides of the playpen with velcro straps, and can be used on top of the pen as a cover or sunshade during supervised play outdoors.
Playpen $39.75                      Floor Mat $18.75

                                  Fun Tunnel $11.75
This toy is "tun-nels" of fun! It measures 8" in diameter, and expands to 30" in length. It is flexible, but stiff enough to hold whatever shape you bend it into. Great for small rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, chinchillas, or other animals. Collapses to 7.5" long when not in use. Best for out-of-cage playtime, as it could be chewed by certain types of pets.


Plastic Hay Hopper $4.25

This hay feeder clips onto the outside of a wire rabbit cage or playpen and keeps hay clean and off the floor. The rabbit (or guinea pig) will pull hay through the cage wire as it eats. Approximately 11" wide by 5" tall.


4" Hay Ball $4.25
In assorted popular colors with matching bell, chain, & clip. Hangs from cage wire to keep hay or other treats clean.


                       Timothy and Orchard Grass Hay                       Hay should be fed free-choice to rabbits of all ages, and is perfect for helping chubby bunnies lose weight, as it is very high in fiber and low in calories. Hay is also a good, healthy snack for chinchillas and guinea pigs, and wonderful nesting material for mother rabbits and all baby animals. Specify whether you want pure Timothy or Orchard grass hay, or a meadow blend with both types and some clover also.

Small sample bag (free)             4 pound bag $6.75             15 pound bag $15.00 


 1 lb Timothy/Alfalfa Hay Cubes $3.75  Made from a blend of compressed Timothy and Alfalfa, approximately half of each. Safe for baby animals. A low-calorie treat that is less messy than loose hay.



Chew Blocks 75¢
Keeps teeth trimmed down. Please specify either a poplar block or a large fruit tree limb (your choice of apple or pear).

Bag of Chew Sticks $6.75
Good for rabbits, chinchillas, and guinea pigs, because their teeth grow continually, and chewing on wood will keep them worn down. To help stop rabbits from chewing furniture or baseboards, try spraying the areas that have been chewed with bitter spray (shown below) and place a fruit tree limb near the "scene of the crime" as an alternative. The fresh, unvarnished wood tastes a lot better to the bunny and he will usually leave the house alone. A variety of limbs are included, usually Jerusalem artichoke, apple, maple, pear, and thornless blackberry. One bag contains about 50 assorted limbs, each approximately 10" long.


   Cord Protector 75¢ per foot     Finally, a way to stop rabbits from chewing electrical cords! Comes in any length you need; just slide the pre-slit tubing over any electrical cord that could be chewed. Useful for many types of pets.


8 oz. Bitter Spray $6.50
Uses all-natural bitter ingredients to help stop furniture chewing or other "Bad Bunny" behavior. Spray problem areas and place a fruit tree chew stick or other tasty toy nearby as an alternative. In a handy spray bottle.


Pet Nail Clippers $7.75
These quality, spring-loaded clippers have a stopping bar built right in, to help keep you from cutting too far. Lifetime guarantee; sturdy enough for large animals and multiple-pet households.

Pro Trimmer $3.75
This small, scissors-shaped pair of nail trimmers has a half-moon shaped cutout in the blades to keep your pet's nail in the right spot to get a clean cut.

Rabbit Nail Clipping $5.00
If your bunny won't hold still to have its nails trimmed, or you are just not comfortable clipping your rabbit's claws, bring your bunny back to Eden Farms. We will clip all 18 nails for $5.00 per rabbit, even if your bunnies are extra squirmy! Please call ahead to make sure one of the resident bunny experts is here that day.

Pet-icure Tile $4.25
A slate tile that you can place (rough side up) in front of the feeder or in another high-traffic area of the cage to help keep bunny's nails blunt. Also good for an outdoor rabbit to lie on in the summertime to keep cool. About 11.5"x11.5".


         Slicker Brush $6.75          This slicker brush has flexible wire bristles to gently and easily detangle long-haired animals' fur. Perfect for all types of angoras, Jersey woolies, fuzzy lops, etc.


An all-natural, water-soluble beneficial bacteria powder. Add to water bottle or food to prevent diarrhea, or, to cure it, make a paste with 1/2 teaspoon of probiotics and a little water (or applesauce or banana, if the rabbit is over 4 months old). Feed the paste twice daily until symptoms disappear.

1 oz $3.75            4 ozs. $9.75             8 ozs. $14.75

Harnesses $7.50 - $12.75
For any small animal. Includes a soft vest and a stretchy lead to keep bouncy bunnies safe and under control outdoors. We have sizes to fit any breed of rabbit. They come in several solid colors as well as patterns that match the carriers shown below, so you can unhook the lead from the harness and snap it onto the carrier to use as a matching shoulder strap. Bunny harnesses should fit snugly enough that you can just get one finger between the harness and the bunny. The rabbit's fur will "poof" out and make the harness look as though it's on too tight, but this is normal.

Pet Carriers
Stiff, yet collapsible carrier for any small animal. There is a pocket for miscellaneous items, two mesh windows, and a sturdy handle. Both ends zip open for easy access, and the interior is wipe-clean vinyl. The medium size is 14"x9" by 8.25" high, and can be used for ferrets, small rabbits, or short trips. Large measures a generous 17.5"x11.5" by 12" tall and fits all other breeds of bunnies, as well as cats and small dogs.
Medium Pet Carrier $13.75           Large Pet Carrier $21.75


Top-Fill Bottle $9.75
We use these time-saving top-fill bottles with all of our bunnies. Works with a spring shut-off valve (not a leaky vacuum), so it doesn't backflush. Attaches securely to any wire cage, but there's no need to remove it from the cage to refill! Large 32-oz capacity.


Heated Water Bottle $29.25
Plug into a standard electrical outlet to keep an outdoor rabbit's water from freezing in cold weather. Uses a thermostat to operate only when needed, so you can use it year-round. Cap flips up to refill; no need to remove it from the cage! Works with a spring shut-off valve, not a leaky vacuum, so it doesn't backflush. Attaches very securely to any wire cage. Holds 32 ounces and has a manufacturer's one-year guarantee.



Ceramic Food Bowls
Heavy ceramic bowls will thwart pets that are determined to tip them over. Very easy to wash or disinfect as needed. The 3" diameter is great for treats or very small animals, 4" is a good size for a small-sized rabbit or guinea pig's food, and the 5" is perfect for big eaters. All are light brown on the outside, and blue on the inside.
3" $2.75           4" $3.75           5" $5.75


Automatic Feeder $9.00
These handy 5"-wide feeders can be cut into the wire of any of our cages, so you can fill them from the outside. They will hold more than enough food for a weekend (unless you have multiple rabbits eating out of the same feeder). Other sizes are available. To attach them to a wooden hutch, you will need an additional bracket ($5.50 extra, see the "Outdoor Housing" page).

Good-Bye Odor
Just a few pumps of this all-natural dietary supplement added to your pet's water will neutralize any small animal's waste and body odors. Even works for cats! Manufacturer's money-back guarantee.
   8 ounces $11.75           1 quart $25.75


Tray Liners $4.75
These tray liners can be used under the wire floor of any rabbit cage. They are embedded with super-absorbent polymers that hold on to liquid waste, reducing odor and making the tray easier to clean. Box of 7, each is 16"x28".


Long John Litter Pan $7.75  A corner style of pan with an elongated front. They measure 9.5" wide by 11.25" long by 7" tall. Most rabbits have no problem fitting inside, but some prefer a pan with a wire insert. Several different colors available.

    Litter Pan with Wire $8.75   These 14"x10.25" rabbit litter pans have wire inserts to keep your bunny clean and dry. They have anti-microbial protection to help stop germs and odors, and are made in the USA from 25% recycled plastic. They do not attach to the sides of the cage, so you may need to drill two holes in the pan and attach it to the sides of the cage with twist ties if your bunny likes rearranging. If you would prefer a corner style, check out the scatterless litter pans, below.
Pan Only $3.75                Wire Only $5.75

Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Pans
These litter pans are a great choice for any breed of rabbit. They lock securely into the corners of any wire cage and have a stiff wire insert to keep your pet dry. You can also use them without the wire inserts, and they have a removable snap-on guard to help keep litter where it belongs. Both sizes are available in several different colors. The small size measures 12.5"x8.5" by 5.75" high, and the large is 16"x11.25" by 7.75" tall.
     Small Lock-N-Litter Pan $8.75                                Large Lock-N-Litter Pan $15.75        Small pan without wire $5.75                                   Large pan without wire $9.75  


Pelleted Soy Litter
This is our hands-down favorite litter for rabbits and ferrets. Totally flushable if you are on a sewer system; good for apartment dwellers. For use in litter boxes, under cage floors, or both. Preferred over clay and silica litters because it is less dusty, and won’t block the animal’s digestive tract if they ingest it. Great for sensitive ferret skin; can also be used for cats or kittens.

                                                9 lbs $6.75                  18 lbs $9.75                  50 lbs $16.75    

Rabbit Food
This is the only kind of food we give our bunnies! It's great for rabbits of all ages, even nursing mothers. It contains 18% protein, 2% fat, and 20% fiber, and controls hairballs very well in our herd. When fed in conjunction with Timothy hay, we believe it is a perfect rabbit diet.

                                     9 lbs. $6.75           18 lbs $9.75           25 lbs $11.50           50 lbs $18.75

About Shipping Heavier Items

We can ship 9 lbs of food or litter to all areas of Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and DC for a shipping charge of $7.32 using a special box the Post Office is offering. Shipping on 18 lbs of food or litter is $8.42. Additional items can be sent along with the food, but unless they are small, it will raise the shipping cost by at least $6. 

Shipping & handling for 25 lb bags is usually $19, and 50 lb bags are $28 per bag to VA, MD, NC, and DC. Additional lightweight items can usually be sent at little or no extra cost.


            Bunny Care Instructions:            Feed all fresh fruits and vegetables sparingly (1/4 cup per day for most) and only to rabbits that are at least four months old. Hay should be free-fed to all weaned rabbits, and don’t forget to put a chew block in the cage so the rabbit can wear down its teeth. Give a baby rabbit all the pellets it wants, and do not change its diet until it is an adult. If you do change brands of pellets, mix in the new kind gradually so that the rabbit can get used to the new feed slowly, and watch carefully to make sure the bunny is eating the new mix. Never feed gourmet rabbit food unless the rabbit is at least 4 months old and even then give only ½ tablespoon per day as a treat in addition to plain pellets and hay. With the proper pellet diet, salt licks aren’t beneficial. Never feed anything moldy. If a rabbit gets diarrhea, remove vegetables and immediately administer probiotics (see product above). Keep all rabbits, young or old, out of the sun at all times.
Eden Farms (804) 556-3377


Bananas (especially the brown ones)
Beans, if cooked (not castor beans)
Beets (both top and root of plant)
Blackberry bush leaves
Bread (especially dried-out bread)
Carpet grass
Carrots (roots and tops)
Cereal (if low fat and low sugar)
Clovers (any but sweet clover)
Comfrey (sparingly)
Corn (grain, stalks, husks, and silk)
Dandelion leaves
Fruit tree limbs (not the leaves)
Grapefruit (sparingly)
Grass (pesticide free)
Jerusalem artichoke (all parts of plant)
Kohlrabi (all parts of plant)
Malva (Cheeseweed)
Maple tree limbs (not leaves)
Millet (Foxtail and Japanese)
Oats (sparingly)
Oranges (sparingly)
Orchard grass
Rye, rye grass, and Italian rye grass
Sweet gum branches (not leaves)
Timothy grass, fresh or hay
Turnips (tops and roots)
Willow tree limbs
Autumn Crocus
Bulbs (all)
Castor beans
Chokecherry (leaves or pits)
Dumb Cane
Johnson grass
Lettuce (Iceberg)
Potatoes (leaves, sprouts, or peel)
Rhubarb leaves
Sago Palm
Soybeans or soybean vines
Sweet clover
Tomato leaves and sprouted seeds
Wild cherry